Konoba Mrs & Mr Caput



Fish Soup – 30 HRK
(with rice and fish chunks)

Soup of the day – 30 HRK
(Vegetable / creamy soup or stew – daily Chef Choice



Smoked ham and cheese​ -​ 80 HRK

Basket of Pork Cracklings with dried figs and nuts-50 HRK

Assorted cold cuts from local area– 80 HRK
(dry smoked ham and bacon, smoked sausage, cheese)

Beef Carpaccio – 85 HRK
(beef, arugula, grana padano, balsamico)

Octopus salad – 80 HRK
(With onions, broad beans, parsley, tomato, lemon, garlic, olive oil)

Seafood plate – 80 HRK
(with anchovies, octopus, prawns, fish carpaccio, arugula)


Pasta with local smoked ham and truffles – 80 HRK

Pasta with seafood – 80 HRK

Black risotto – 80 HRK
(with seafood and cuttlefish ink)

White Risotto – 80 HRK
(with prawns and zucchini)

St. Jacques on Mediterranean – 100 kn
(Scallops, garlic, parsley, olive oil)

Pasta suta – 80 HRK
(Macaroni, beef, cherry tomato, chilly)


T-bone steak 500g – 240 HRK
(Grilled as requested with sauce and side dish)

Beefsteak – 165 HRK
(Grilled as requested with ash roasted Jacket potato and cream cheese in red wine sauce reduction)

Stuffed chicken Breast – 120 HRK
(Stuffed with smoked ham and cheese served on green peas and carrot puree)

Duck breast – 170 HRK
(With fresh vegetables and wild orange sauce)

Lamb chops – 190 HRK
(With green beans and potato, rosemary, figs and red wine sauce)

Pork loin – 100 HRK
(With smoked bacon and sage, served with roasted spring potatoes)

Beef burger – 70 HRK
(Roasted potatoes and side dishes)

Grilled pork belly – 80 HRK
(Slow roasted, caramelized with honey and BBQ sauce)


Fisherman’s pot for 2 person – 700 HRK
(Lobster, prawns, black tiger, mussels, scallops)

Fish – 550/kg HRK
(daily catch with vegie from our garden)

Grilled squids (calamari) – 80 HRK
(with veggie from our garden)

Redfish Brodet – 110 HRK
(Traditional dish –Redfish Simmered with olive oil ,onion, garlic ,parsley , tomato served on corn polenta)

Shrimps – 160 HRK
(Prepared as requested – grilled, marinated, stew”buzara”)

Tuna Steak – 150 HRK
(With chia seeds, veggies from our garden and teriyaki sauce)

John Dory fish fillet – 130 HRK
(With green beans and vanilla sauce)


Cheese salad – 60 HRK
(Local cheese, Seasonal salads mix with variety of nuts and honey)

Chicken salad – 60 HRK
(with pasta, mayonnaise, cucumbers and mixed salad)

Tuna salad – 65 HRK
(mixed salad with local spices and herbs)

Seasonal salad – 30 HRK
(seasonal salad from our garden)


Asparagus – 60 HRK
(With sesame, dry tomatoes, barley)

Chickpeas/Falafel burger with roasted sweet potato – 80 HRK

Roasted mushroom mix with bell pepper cream – 60 HRK

Dense Chickpeas soup – 35 HRK

Vegetarian pasta – 55 HRK
(With avocado, local cucumbers and dill​ )

Bruschetta caprese with basil paste and salad – 60 HRK


Simmer veal and beef – 80 HRK per portion

Roasted veal and lamb under the bell – 120 HRK per portion

Octopus roasted under the bell – 120 HRK per portion

Venison and wild boar stew with gnocchi – 80 HRK


Trouble and misery- 30 HRK
(Crisp pastry with pork fat and sugar filled with cream and fresh fruits as per chef choice)

Chocolate cake with mascarpone and vanilla cream – 40 HRK

Foamy mousse as per chef choice – 25 HRK

Apple strudel – 20 HRK

Cheesecake – 35HRK